Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about filling the dumpster? Loading the dumpster is easy because all of our rentals come standard with a doorway to walk or roll in waste. When filling try to spread the trash as evenly as possible, which will ensure a safe pick and make the best use of space. When loading normal waste make sure it should not exceed water level with the top of the unit. If you plan to fill heavy debris such as concrete it can only be loaded half way up the sides. Please remember to not put any prohibited items in the dumpster and it should be fine.

What is not allowed to be put in the dumpster? We do not handle any electronic, flammable and hazardous waste. These items will result in additional charges and are extremely unsafe. If you have any questions about a specific item, ask before putting them in the dumpster rental. However, there are some items such as tires, railroad ties, tree stumps and box springs that we will haul away but still apply an extra fee.

Will the dumpster damage my property? It is very rare that our dumpsters leave any evidence that they were even at your location. However, some times in the event of external factors such as weather, some minor damage has resulted for some of our customers. Please keep in mind if the dumpster must be placed on your lawn, some temporary cosmetic damage may occur.

What happens if I overfill the dumpster? We cannot legally or safely haul a dumpster that is over the weight limit. If you do overload the rental then you are subject to remove the excess waste and additional fees will result. If you get close to maximum capacity and need more space, we can come out to your location with another dumpster promptly.

Is it hard to fill the dumpster rental? It is very simple to fill our dumpsters because they all come standard with a doorway to walk or roll in waste. Some of our smaller rentals can be loaded over the sides of the unit. It really depends on what you plan to dispose of but a majority of our customers have no problems.

What is the length of the rental? Our standard rental period is 14 days but we do not automatically come retrieve the dumpster after two weeks. Whether you finish early or need more time, just give us a call when you are ready and we will be back out to your location.

Do I need a permit? If the dumpster can be fully placed on private property then a permit is not needed. However, if any part of the rental must sit on public property then a permit is required. Please keep in mind we cannot drive over any sidewalks to place the dumpster.

Will the dumpster rental smell? Our dumpsters never smell because they are cleaned thoroughly between every rental. If your waste container does start to produce an odor then it is probably a result of your trash. Do not worry no matter how bad it does smell we will still pick it up.